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Increase the strength of your plants.

Silica Gold | Strength for Plants

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Silica Gold is a bioavailable potassium and silicon formula. It provides soluble silicon in a form that plants can immediately uptake and transport to the outer layers of the cell walls, where it is needed the most.

The core of Silica Gold is a soluble silica complex with organosilicate and amino acid extractives of 5 plants. This form of silica can increases flower density by fortifying xylem tissue, Silica Gold increases the sap formation of flowering plants and results in better transportation of building blocks to sites where flowers and terpenes are being created, resulting in increased quality and yield.

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Produces robust plants.

I gotta tell you I was NOT a fan of silica additives I was using from a different brand. Get it you won't be disappointed, and with all silica supplements ALWAYS put it into your water FIRST, let it sit a bit, then add the rest of your nutrients.

Silver Streak

Awesome cost friendly nutrient line. I took a shot in the dark with them for some outdoor. I am pretty satisfied so far.

Brian P

Even using it at half strength with TPS One the stem gets super strong and dense.

Mathew M

Clean - doesn’t have fine clumps in it like other silica.

Mike E

Good product. Great Company. These dudes 100% GAF. Helps get the individual cell walls Tougher/thicker so plants can have vigorous growth & not fall over lol


Easy to use! My plants are super frosty. I've slowly began to switch to the whole TPS line of nutrients...

Elias Cruz

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Frequently Asked Questions

Silica Gold is a great way to add strength to your plants, bioavailble silicon helps increase cell wall thickness and aids in xylem and phloem tissue size which controls water processes in plants. Silica Gold is a great way to increase your plant's natural defences.

You can use Silica Gold with every watering from cutting or seeding (over 1") until end of flowering/fruiting.

You can add Silica Gold to your foliar spray water, we recommend once weekly at a rate of 10-20mL per gallon.

Absolutely - TPS Silica Gold and TPS N-Primer are really great for grass and ornamentals. They can be mixed together and sprayed with a hose end sprayer. The dilution rate for your sprayer would be 1:350 or 10-20mL per gallon of each, we recommend once to twice monthly.

When using Silica Gold in Hydro/DWC or standing water systems we recommend changing the feed water out more regularly than normal. This is because over time the silica can bond out with other components in the feedwater. Every 4-5 days is best.

Silica Gold can be used in living soil at the recommended use rates. Make sure to pH your feed water before use. Check out the Amended Soil feed charts.

Absolutely. Some plants take up more silica than others, so feel free to reach out to us directly for plant specific feeding recommendations and check out the feed charts on our website. A safe use rate in general is 2-4mL per gallon.

The NPK is: N - 0% P - 0% K - 1.3% and it contains over 3% highly bioavailable soluble silicon in the form of silicic acid and organo-silicates.

Silica Gold is best added first and mixed before other fertilizers.

No need to flush if using this Silica Gold, it contains an array of organic acids to prevent buildup.

Silica Gold is derived from two sources of silicon. It contains both organo-silicates from plant extracts and potassium silicate that we micro-chelate with organic acids to create an ultra bio-available formula. The most important part of Silica Gold is the benefit of these two sources. Organo-silicates can absorb immediately and are the organic-acid chelated potassium silicate takes anywhere from 1-10 days to uptake. The combo is a steady flow of silicon for your plants.

Orthosilicic acid or monosilicic acid is a very interesting topic, and we get a lot of questions about it. We engineered Silica Gold to not be made of this form of silicon on purpose, here are a few reasons you might want to consider when looking at OSA or MSA sources: 1. Orthosilicic acid can only exist in .0012% concentrations when at room temperature before changing forms and turning into a gel, which means when you buy a liquid OSA you are actually getting almost zero silicon. Silica Gold has 2500% more silica per liter than OSA or MSA products. 2. Orthosilicic acid can only exist at very low pH range. When you add it to your reservoir or your plants roots at a more normal pH of 5.5-6.5, it immediatly begins to break down into non-bioavailable silicones. For this reason one of the best uses for something like orthosilicic acid is to foliar spray it, because it can absorb quickly and doesn't have time to break down at higher pH ranges.