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Root Boost is an advanced carbon and phosphorus complex supplemented with a consortia of bacteria and fungi. It establishes root systems and nourishes healthy, vibrant growth at the same time that it conditions the soil and optimizes microbial chemistry.

The core of Root Boost is a blend of ultra-pure freshwater humic, fulvic, amino, and other organic acids complexed with extracts from 9 species of sea plants.
Root Boost significantly improves root growth by delivering a precise blend of organic building blocks that plants depend on to form healthy and adventurous root systems.

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Enhances nutrient uptake.



Must have in the garden! I start my seeds and seedlings indoors and this product is a great way to build healthy roots. Literally after using it for 3 days, I noticed the visual growth and appearance improved.

Carolyn H

This product gave me some of the fastest growing roots I have ever seen. The bottle you get while last you a long time as well.


This product replaces Root Excel by H&G with ease. Ive never seen such vibrant healthy roots. I highly recommend this product!

Chad G

My plants were dying. I bought this and add a small amount for my aero garden. My tomato plant stopped dying and now has fruit! Wow!

GA Girl

I've used Great White Mycorrhizae for 2 years. This stuff beats it hands down!! I will be trying their whole lineup!

Billy C

The only root enhancer I trust and it can be used with on any thing that grows. This is consistent clean growth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Root Boost is a great all in one rooting solution. It is made to help stimulate and promote rooting. You can use it from seedling through early bloom and it is safe to use on all plants.

Root Boost can be used from when a seedling has sprouted roots and is about 1" tall or on cuttings that have rooted.

Yes, you can add Root Boost to a hydro or DWC system. The microbes will be somewhat made less viable if you commonly add hydrogen peroxide, but if you keep the H2O2 levels low enough then the microbes will do just fine. Along with the microbes, Root Boost contains organic rooting hormones, humics, fulvics, and bioavailable phosphorous for rooting -- so even if your microbes are reduced, there is still a great rooting effect.

Yes, absolutely. We recommend a different feeding regimen for this application, 10mL per gallon once monthly is for best root health.

Absolutely, Root Boost is great for deepening lawn roots. For a one time grass seed rooting, we recommend one quart per 1000sf. For general lawn, we recommend using a hose end sprayer at 1:300 to 1:400.

Absolutely. Root Boost will work on all garden veggies, it will also help with mineral solubolization for plant uptake. In addition to Root Boost in the soil, using TPS Canopy Boost as a foliar on the whole garden is a great combination. These two products work as stand alone or in synergy. One really interesting interaction is that Root Boost contains organic hormones from a specific kelp extract that signals leaf growth. Canopy Boost Foliar Spray contains different organic hormones from a specific kelp extract that signals root growth. These two when used on the same plants can create circular movements of minerals and water in plants, which is great for growth.

Soil and Hydro each have specific use cases for this questions, so we've split up the answer. Soil/Coco/Peat If growing in soil then root rot is generally caused by a combination of overwatering and microbial infection. The overwatering reduces oxygen in the root zone which can cause roots to decay. Once decay has started that's the perfect environment for fungal or other microbial infection to occur. Root Boost contains beneficial microbes that can both outcompete the infection and also produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide (which can kill the fungus and also provide oxygen to the roots). Root Boost will definitely help. Also, to be successful, the plants need water less often. We recommend waiting to water until your plants are 80+% dry before watering. To treat root rot, use three times the recommended dose of Root Boost for two to three weeks. Hydro In hydro systems root rot is caused by the same two issues but slightly different forms. The low oxygen can be cured by adding or increasing the bubblers in your reservoir. The microbial infection however can be from a number or sources from bacterial, to fungal, to algal. The best way to attack these infections is to first add small amounts of hydrogen peroxide to your reservoir, around 1mL per gallon of the 30% H2O2 or 7mL per gallon of the 3% H2O2. Next you want to outcompete the bad microbes with good microbes, out competing is basically inoculating your reservoir with beneficial micobes which will eat the food sources before the infectious microbes can and thus starving them out. Root Boost is great for outcompeting those microbes, we recommend a 2-3x dosage of Root Boost for a couple of weeks and also consider adding a powdered microbe for additional punch. For bad infections, you'll want to consider adding a secondary microbial source for diversity of beneficials, one great one would be the powdered product ReCharge.

Technically there are five strains of fungi in total in Root Boost. There are Tricoderma Fungi and four strains of Glomus Mycorrhizae Fungi in Root Boost.

The guaranteed shelf life is 12 months from purchase, but under normal temperature and minimal sunlight conditions, it can last many years. Microbes will become less viable after a year and contineu to degrade over time, but the rest of the formula is great including the plant extarcts and hormones. Once opened after a few months in humid and warm areas, some mold can begin to grow inside the bottle, this is totally normal and shouldn't be a concern.

Yes, TPS Root Boost contains multiple strains of the following bacillus: B. Subtilis B. Pumilus B. Licheniformis B. Laterosporous B. Amyloliquefaciens

Absolutely, we micro filter larger humic particles out and so you will not experience any clogging. Also there is a species of bacteria in TPS Root Boost that produces small amounts of hydrogen peroxide which is great to oxygenate root zone. We recommend changing your feed water and cleaning your basin weekly. A great use rate for this would be 5mL per gallon for rooting.

Yes, for orchids, we recommend Root Boost at 2mL per gallon every watering

45-55F is super optimal, but below 70F is a good rule of thumb. There is a 1 year shelf life from opening for maximum microbes. After that you can expect a slow degradation from the peak.

We do use the most common kelp, Ascophyllum nodosum, but it is just one of the species we use. The other species are all proprietary along with our other plants in Root Boost. We can say that we run high quality extracts in house of each species and they are selected for their natural plant hormones, amino acids, and other organic acids.