Our Focus

At TPS Plant Foods™, our goal is to produce more amazing growth through the use of more efficient fertilizers. We prioritize sustainable inputs and aim to reduce overall fertilizer usage, all while improving yield. Our strategy is simple, for optimal growth we craft every nutrient we sell to feed plants the minerals and compounds they crave.  Whether producing plants for human consumption, greening up your grass, or taking care of beloved houseplants, we at TPS Plant Foods™ have a high-quality nutrient for your every need.


Many of our customers consume the very products they grow with TPS plant food, from tomatoes to salad greens to hemp, so our strict manufacturing and input material sourcing is critical to ensure our nutrients produce healthy crops for every grower. All of our nutrients are manufactured in the USA, at our home base here in Seattle, Washington. Input materials  range from unaltered organic herbs and minerals to highly pure minerals, and we source only the best in organics and refined synthetics to form our product line. Our nutrient design strategy utilizes organics whenever possible but we never sacrifice performance. While some of our nutrients are fully organic, others are what we call SynGanic or Synthetic + Organic, where these we start with an organic base and add foliar-grade refined rock-based minerals to complete the optimal formula.

Organic + Synthetic = SynGanic

Organics are a sticky subject. A common misconception is that organic always means “good” or “better” and that is simply not the case. Some organics are terrible for the environment, like bat guano and seabird guano, whose mining causes sensitive habitat destruction and other negative environmental effects. At TPS, we use only sustainable organics and are always improving our sourcing and production methods.

Now let's talk about synthetic minerals; some synthetics are even more destructive than the organic guanos--think man-made pesticides and herbicides--however, our refined synthetic minerals are produced efficiently, come straight from boring old rocks, and are unadulterated with man-made super chemicals. We take their usage in agriculture and horticulture seriously, which is why one of our main objectives is to reduce overall fertilizer use rates and thus reduce fertilizer pollution. To achieve lower pollution rates from fertilizer, you must first reduce usage, so we at TPS worked tirelessly to improve mineral bioavailability for the plants we feed. This resulted in us developing our own specialized organic acid digestion process for many of the minerals we incorporate into our products along with other forms of organic acid chelation, like amino acid bonding for micronutrients. For example: we bond iron with organic amino acids from soy and corn, creating an organic iron-amino acid chelation. Most other nutrient brands will use the man-made chemical ‘EDTA’ to chelate iron, but there are many studies showing that this man-made EDTA doesn't break down easily in the environment and can bio-accumulate--the effects of which are unknown. Because of this, we never use these persistent pollutants in any of our nutrients.

Simplified Use Rates

At TPS Plant Foods™, we believe anyone can be an expert grower. All it takes is smart, easy-to-use nutrients and simple use rates!


Smarter Products

Sustainability is key. We use organics wherever possible, without sacrificing performance. We're proud to introduce SynGanics!


Grower Support

Whether you’re new to the growing world, or a seasoned expert, TPS Plant Foods™ has you covered with 25+ years of growing experience!