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N-Primer is an enhanced nitrogen complex that delivers slow-release nutrition. N-Primer stays close to root hairs and resists run-off, creating a reliable and consistent source of nitrogen to feed plants and sustain their vigorous growth. It can be used as a supplement with any nutrient line.

The core of N-Primer is a carbohydrate and organic acid matrix derived from 5 species of plants. This matrix stimulates microbial activity by providing carbon as a fuel source, N-Primer sustains beneficial microbial populations at the same time that it protects nitrogen supplies in the soil, resulting in healthy and stable vegetative growth.

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This stuff is excellent! It’s cut time off of my veg process and my plants look like monsters. I will be a loyal customer as long as I can buy this.


It works! Made the switch from canna nutrients.

Eric W

The young live oak I planted has such a deep green and healthier texture on new leaves!! Excellent product, Great info description! 2 thumbs up up up.

I. Rodriguez

Excellent feed and results.


Awesome cost friendly nutrient line. I took a shot in the dark with them for some outdoor. I am pretty satisfied so far. Still 4-6 weeks of bloom cycle left. I will be running this indoor also.

Brian P

Works great.


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Frequently Asked Questions

N-Primer is a source of stable and slow release nitrogen. In general most nitrogen sources are nitrate based which are fast-use and quickly enter your plant and then deplete from the soil or hydro mixture. N-primer is a different kind of nitrogen which breaks down slowly and offers your plants a consistent N source. The result is a faster veg with dark green, lush leaves.

N-Primer is great to use from when a seedling is 1.5" tall or a cutting is rooted until early flowering. Once your plant begins to develop flower/fruit then you can decrease or discontinue N-Primer use.

N-Primer is Basic in concentrate, meaning it will naturally increase your feedwater pH. For best results, we recommend adjusting your final feedwater mixture to 5.5-6.5 pH.

Absolutely. For non-flowering varieities (lettuces, spinach, etc) you'll want to adhere to the vegetative schedule for your media type. For flowering and fruiting varieties (tomatoes, peppers, ect) you can use the full feed chart inclusing floweering cycle. Check our feed charts for your media type.

To use N-Primer as a foliar spray you'd want to apply it through your sprayer at a rate of 10-20 mL per gallon, once to twice weekly. Ity can also be used in your soil and as a foliar at the same time.

Yes, N-Primer is a great source for slow and steady nitrogen for all garden plants, including hydrangeas. Our feed recommendations are built so that you feed N-Primer with every watering, but if you want a more simple feeding plan then you can increase the dose to 10-15mL per gallon (2-3 tsp) once to twice monthly.

These two work great in combination. Try N-Primer at half strength with TPS One to see if that is enough nitrogen for your plants and increase from there.

For general lawn and garden use in a hose end sprayer, the use rate is about 10oz per 100sf twice yearly. So one gallon would cover 1300sf. If using a hose end sprayer, you can use a 1:500 ratio.

The NPK is 3.3-0-0. This nitrogen source is a complexed and polymerized Urea, so the result is a slow and steady drip of bio-available nitrogen to your plants roots. Its unbelievable how well it works, and it doesn't leach deep undergournd like other nitrogen fertilziers.

Absolutely - for this purpose, we recommend watering in a higher dosage on one or two waterings. 20-30mL per gallon of water would be good to replenish the soil before planting. No need to super saturate the soil with this feed water, but make sure to get an even spread.

There is no silica guaranteed on the N-Primer label, though there is a small amount of bioavailable silica in this product.