Worm Castings Concentrate

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Master Gardeners Secret! Elevate your soil health with TPS Liquid Worm Casting Tea Concentrate for lush, nutrient-rich gardens. Watch your plants thrive as they soak up the benefits of our potent blend of probiotics and plant compounds from 100% organic earthworm castings control brewed with molasses, promotes robust growth and vibrant blooms with every application.  Great added to your garden plants directly or you can add it to your own compost tea recipe.


Add 1-2 tsp per gallon of feedwater.

Spring and Summer: Apply once weekly
Fall and Winter:
Apply every 4-8 weeks

Compost Tea Recipe (Optional)
• Add 4 oz Worm Tea and 1 oz molasses per gallon
• Brew with air bubbler for 1-3 days
• Dilute with fresh water and water plants

Apply to Plants With

1. Watering Can

2. Hose End Sprayer

(Set to 2 tsp Setting)

3. Leaf Misting

Growing Recommendations

Nutrient Uptake

Beneficial bacteria boosts uptake.

Natural Ingredients

Family and pet safe inputs.

Healthier Soil

Recycle nutrients back into your garden.

Houseplant Supplements