Compost Starter and Accelerator

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Accelerate your composting journey with this concentrated organic compost starter, designed to boost decomposition and produce nutrient-rich compost. Formulated from soil microbes and worm castings, with beneficial microbes, it jumpstarts microbial activity for efficient organic waste breakdown. Contains extract of earthworm casting.


Mix 1 Oz in a cup of water and drizzle over compost pile.
Use Throughout the Year
Apply every 4-8 weeks, or as needed

Application Tips

1. Approx. 1 cup per cubic yard of compost

2. After application, turn compost pile

3. Minimal water is best - DO NOT SOAK

Growing Recommendations

Accelerate Composting

Boosts microbial activity.

Natural Ingredients

Family and pet safe inputs.

Healthier Compost

Recycle nutrients back into your garden.

Houseplant Supplements