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CalMag Complete is a balanced source of minerals and micronutrients essential to all stages of growth. Designed for plants in high demand of bioavailable calcium, magnesium, and micronutrients.

CalMag Complete assists in water and sugar transport, increases photosynthetic capacity, and the production of lush green canopies. Use CalMag Complete on plants from cutting to flush.

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More concentrated and bioavailable.



Bang for your buck..effective...great company..nuff said.

Bauer P

My plants always have a cal mag issue (the main issue in a good garden) and this stuff takes care of it just great.

Ryan L

The concentrate is good value and a quality product. Just follow the directions on the bottle and your plants will thank you.

Tee Bone Ribman

Easily the best CalMag product I’ve ever used. Cheap and strong.


Fix my yellowing problem in hydroponics.

Chris N

I love this product working great

Vinnie P.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CalMag Complete has such a wide and balanced array of minerals that it really does a great job at aiding in healthy growth and preventing deficiencies.

You can use this nutrient from cutting or seedling through harvest.

Yes, CalMag Complete is a great RO buffer. We recommend 4mL per gallon as a buffer

CalMag Complete contains nitrogen and CalMag OAC is formulated without nitrogen. Many growers will use our CalMag Complete in veg and then switch to CalMag OAC in flower to avoid the extra nitrogen. Additionally CalMag Complete is 80-90% organic and CalMag OAC is 100% organic.

CalMag Complete has a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months from date of purchase. This CalMag has a very long shelf stability, for longer term storage, we recommend keeping the temperature below 75F and keep out of direct sunlight.

Absolutely. You can use this in Soil, Coco, Peat, or Hydro.

NPK is 4.5-0-0 and the mineral breakdown is as follows: Nitrogen: 4.5% Calcium: 4.5% Magnesium: 1.6% Boron: 0.005% Copper: 0.007% Iron: 0.01% Manganese: 0.01% Sulfur: 0.05% Zinc: 0.01%

Yes, CalMag can be used with orchids. As with most orchids, be careful not to over-water and if using any fertilizer or supplement you may want to reduce the recommended feeding. Our CalMag is 2x as concentrated as the competition so be careful not to overfeed. Orchids also love CalMag foliar sprays, we recommend 10-20mL per gallon.

CalMag Complete is made with calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, and organic acid bonded micronutrient sulfates such as manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, and iron sulfate.

CalMag Complete is great for blossom end rot. It contains an organic fulvic acid that helps uptake of micro and macro-nutrients.

CalMag Complete absolutely can be used for outdoor grows. It's compatible with all growing environments and all growing media, including amended soil, coco/peat, and hydro systems.

In general for veggies, we recommend 4mL per gallon of feedwater once weekly. During fast growth times where plants are putting on lots of vegetation, we recommend increasing the feeding to twice weekly.

Yes, CalMag Complete the proper amount of chelated iron for fast growing plants. Also, we do not use any of the pollutant iron EDTA, like other big brands. EDTA iron bioaccumilates for rivers, streams and the ocean, yet other big brands keep using it. CalMag Complete also has all other necessary micronutrients for healthy growth.

CalMag Complete was formulated to be added with almost any nutrient brand in the feed-water solution. This product will not mix in concentrate, but when diluted in solution it works well. Always do a small jar test to check compatibility before making a large feed water batch.

Yes. It's recommended up to twice weekly in veg and once weekly in early flower at 10-20mL per gallon concentration.