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Base A&B is a concentrated and holistic two-part formulation that provides sources of nutrition for plants to thrive throughout their lifespan. It delivers a balanced and bioavailable source of NPK, calcium, magnesium, and micronutrients.

Base A&B is the ideal choice for coco-based media and hydroponic growing environments. It is 100% water-soluble and features low-molecular weight organic acids that enhance and stabilize nutrient uptake, and its balanced formulation allows it to be used in both the vegetative and flowering stages.

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This might be the best line I've used in 15 years. 16 days in to flower and better results so far than with AN at approximately half the cost on nutes. Im using the full line, with additional humic and kelp. Pay some bills.


You can't go wrong and if you do, it's not because of the plant food.

Lenny B

Made the switch from canna coco! Lush dark green canopy I’m also using their n primer great stuff!

Greg R

My tropical plants love this stuff! I mix about 4ml per gallon of water and water my plants when needed as usual. I have this companies whole product line. They are great!

The Pyners

Has worked and lasted longer than GH BRAND, less is more, good job makin the basics guys.

Jumpin Bean

Using product for a while great product for the money spent I will repurchase again!!!

Darrel L. S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Base A+ B is a great foundational fertilizer. You can use it as a stand alone or with other Component Series supplements. It contains all macro and micro nutrients, as well as organic acids and organic surfactants for healthy soil, roots and microbial polautions to thrive on.

TPS Base is always sold as a set. Each size on our store is for both an A and a B.

Use Base A and B in every feed watering from seedling/cutting to harvest. We recommended using equal parts A and B with each feeding.

Yes, equal parts A and B should be used with each watering. For example, if the feed chart recommends 5mL per gallon that means 5mL of A and 5mL of B. To mix, first add the dosage of A to your feed water then add the dosage of B.

Yes it does. Base A and B have: Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Boron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, and Sulfur. All of these minerals are in organic acid and amino acid chelated forms which makes them much easier for bacteria in the soil to digest and for the plant to accept. None of TPS's products are chelated with the industrial chemical pollutant EDTA like other brands.

No, A and B are not compatible in concentrate. If you do mix in concentrate, there will be mineral reactions and many minerals will be locked out. Please follow dilution instructions for best results.

A and B can be mixed in dilution in your feed water before use. If you use a bubbler in your water then it can be mixed up to 7 days before use, without a bubble we recommend using the mixture within 3 days. The bubbler extends the life by preventing anaerobic bacteria from growing.

TPS Base A&B are more nutrient dense, more complete, and more cost effective. Base AB contains not only N-P-K but a complete array of micronutrients and also organic wetting agents. TPS Use rate is 2-7mL per gallon, Humboldt's Secrets is 5-14mL per gallon. Here is a breakdown: TPS Base A: 1.6% N, 3.0% P, 6.8% K Humboldt's Secrets A: 4.0% N, 0.0% P, 1.0% K TPS Base B: 2.5% N, 4.2% P, 1.8% K Humboldt's Secrets B: 1.0% N, 4.0% P, 2.0% K TPS Also contains: - Two forms of organic fulvic acid with different specific particle sizes - Organic wetting agents to increase soil porosity and to prevent salt buildup Both companies make great nutrients, you can't go wrong.

It's usually best to wait until the seedlings are 1-1.5" tall or cuttings are rooted before adding TPS fertilizers. Then, start at 'Week 1' on the feed charts.

Depending on your water source and nutrient meter, Base AB will add between 100-120 PPM per mL. This is highly variable based on water source and meter calibration and brand.

Base AB is reservoir and pH stable in reservoir when used in buffered RO, Tap Water, and some filtered well water. If growing hydroponically, once your plants start to consumer minerals in your feed water the pH will naturally fluctuate so you will need to monitor pH over time.

Yes, Base A & B can be used in soil. We offer 'Amended Soil' feed charts in our support section.

There are both organic and inorganic ingredients in this product. Approximately 60% organic, 40% inorganic.

These are our combined A+B lab testing results, all of our micronutrient ratios and amounts were designed around optimal growth: Calcium: 2.7% Magnesium: 1% Sulfur: 0.025% Iron: 0.008% Manganese: 0.009% Copper: 0.004% Zinc: 0.0014% Boron: 0.003%

Some people use this as a stand alone fertilizer, but it's generally intended to be used with the TPS component series. If you are looking for a One-Part, try TPS-One. It's a One Part all in one liquid fertilizer for use from veg through bloom.

For your Hydroponic setup, we recommend one of two ways to grow: 1. Use the full TPS line. This way you can follow one of our full feed charts and make tweaks to your feeding regimen baed on your plants needs. 2. The most simple way to grow would be just to use TPS Base AB and no other amendments, its a very easy way to grow hydroponically. We reccomend in this case to increase the mL per gallon per watering by 2-3mL of each A and B. So what this means is if the week of the feed chart that you are on says 4mL per gallon, then we recommend adding 2-3mL for a total of 6-7mL per gallon. This will ensure your plants get enough food.

TPS uses lots of organic acids in its formulas, so it's not nearly as necessary to flush as with other brands. We do recommend 2-3 fresh water feedings at the end of cycle. Also of note, you can use TPS Signal as a flushing agent because Signal is very good at solubilizing salts, plus the added benefit of terpene enhancemnt and flower/fruit hardening before harvest.

In many gardens the pH will naturally be perfect to water without adjusting the pH. Aim for 5.5-6.5 depending on your media type.

Part A is a 1.6-3.0-6.8 Part B is a 2.5-4.2-3.8 Between the two there is also an array of micros, calmag, organic acids, and surfactants.

TPS Base AB is great for bud plants. The feed charts rates were designed for these high energy plants. Make sure to check out our feed charts for the type of plants you're growing and the type of media you grow in.