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The TPS Component Series™ Starter Kit includes 9 of our most popular products in the appropriate sizes for a complete crop from veg to flower, plus a convenient Canopy Boost spray bottle so you’re ready to start growing. This makes it easy to test our Component Series line of nutrients and supplements with your garden or have just the right amount for a home-grow.

A nutrient
for every

A comprehensive regimen.

Everything you need to start growing.

With nutrients for every life cycle, you'll be growing like a pro in no time.

I am extremely impressed with this nutrient set. it comes with everything your plants will need from seed to harvest!


I bought books, searched online for information on which products were the best to buy and settled on TPS due to their system package price and charts.

Theresa Waack

If you’re looking for a professional company and good results I would definitely recommend buying these nutrients.

Palm Springs Butterfly

Works better then the competitors!!! Plants are 2 weeks early and extremely happy!!

Clayton R

Def ready to try TPS out if the nutes are anything like their customer service they will be great.

Andrew Johnson

Works great.. same results as heavy 16 1/2 the price!

Nicholas Cerbone

Frequently Asked Questions

The TPS Component Series is a great way to feed your fast growing plants with bioavailable and balanced nutrition. It is a fun way to experiment and learn about your particular plant genetics and how to get the most from every harvest. It contains all of the tools you need for big and healthy plants.

1. Use filtered water, if available 2. Optional, adjust pH water to 7 before adding fertilizers 3. Follow feed chart based on your stage of growth, add fertilizers in the flowing order: a. Silica Gold b. Base A c. Base B d. Additional components in no particular order (CalMag, N-Primer, Root Boost, Bloom, Signal) 4. Adjust pH of final solution to 5.5-6.5 before watering plants 5. Water in the morning if possible, when the sun comes up or lights turn on that is when plants begin to pump water up to the leaves. This will help plants move water and minerals to the canopy as the plants primary water pumps turn on for the day.

The Component Series Kit works with coco, peat, amended soil or even hydro!

Our most successful new growers use a 2-5 gallon pots and generally start with an amended soil like Fox Farm Ocean Forest or Happy Frog. Any high quality soil will work great. A couple of other things on this topic: 1. The best range of pot sizes is 2-5 gallon, two gallon pots dry out more quickly and five gallons take a bit more time. To avoid overwater, make sure to water only when your soil is 80+% dry. 2. While amended soils are great, many growers find success with Coco and peat based soil mixes with perlite mixed in. And if you're feeling more adventurous, hydro is always an option!

We guarantee shelf life for 12 months from the date of purchase.

You can start 'Week 1' feeding when plants are about 1" tall.

Canopy Boost is a foliar only and has its own instructions on the bottle for use rates. Do not add to your feed water with the other nutrients.

Component Kit Guide


Base AB General Feedchart

*Amounts in mL per gallon for coco.


Safety Data Sheet