Air Plant Fertilizer

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Transform your air plants into robust, vibrant specimens with this powerful Air Plant Fertilizer! Enhance growth and strengthen your plant babies; watch them grow strong and flourish with increased vitality! Provide your air plant the care it needs.

Two Ways to Use!

1. Soaking Method

Add 1 Tsp per quart of water

Spring/Summer: Use every week
Fall/Winter: Every 2-4 weeks

Discard soaking water after use.

2. Leaf Misting

Add 1/2 Tsp per pint of water

Lightly spray a fine mist on leaves.
Apply every 1-2 weels.

Growing Recommendations

Plant Care Tip

Try soaking plants for approx
30 minutes, shake off excess
water. Fuzzy and silvery leaf plants
prefer a shorter duration dunk.


Generally, air plants prefer indirect
to direct, bright light.

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