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Signal is a potassium-based electrolyte solution that increases flower density and hardness. It enhances terpene synthesis and supplies the essential forms of potassium that plants depend on to uptake water and keep their metabolic rates elevated during the late stages of bloom.

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Promotes density.



Phenomenal Terpene Enhancer, Flower Density Increaser, and Definitely Signals Plants to Bulk up.

Dr. Alberts

Plants 🌱 love this product. I noticed a change in smell within a few weeks. I’ll will be buying more.

Bobby G

Signal will make your buds frostier, denser, and more purple. That is for sure.


So far so good! Much better deal than "Terpinater", less usage rates. More science behind this product! Very useful information about how and what it does. Very interesting! I really like this company.

Tim T

I have seen an increase in density and trichomes in my plants since I started using this product.

Jose A

TPS products have made a major difference in all plant stages of plant growth. Add foxfarm potting soil and you can't lose, the only way I will grow from this point forward.

Marshall R

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Frequently Asked Questions

TPS Signal is a great way to increase the flavor, aroma, sugars, and density of flowering and fruiting plants.

Use Signal from early bloom to late bloom.

Terpenes are strong and generally pleasant smells and flavors that plants produce as part of their lifespan. Some terpenes have human health benefits and others help plants to deter pests and pathogens. In general a healthy plant produces more terpenes than a weak plant.

In order to use Signal to it's best extent we recommend using it with every watering from early/mid to late bloom. Signal is a very targeted product, not only does it harden and bulk up buds, but it also has a highly specific terpene enhancing pathway. Let's dive a little deep into theory.

In early to mid bloom fruits and flowers are building big watery terpenes call Mono-Terpenes (example Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, etc). The TPS product called 'Bloom' was built to help plants quickly accumulate these Mono-Terpenes in early to mid bloom. But then sometime around week 4 or 5 in bloom your plants start to break down the watery Mono-Terpenes and they turn into Sesquiterpenes - these smaller terpenes are what makes your particular strain really stand out and have a unique aroma and flavor. One of Signal's main functions was to guide the plant through minor stress reactions to break down these Mono-Terpenes into more and more smaller aromatic Sesquiterpenes. To circle back on the question, the reason it's important to keep feeding Signal every watering is that you want to keep sending the same potassium signaling message to the plant through late bloom.

TPS doesn't add any PGRs to Signal. We extract 17 specific plants known to have amino acids, plant hormones, and other phenolic compounds. Part of the intended function of these extracts is to promote your plants to produce their own growth regulators naturally.

Many growers have reported back that it does increae fruity smells and more sugary end product. There are two basic types of terpenes that you are trying to grow, monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. Mono are primarily developed in the first 5 weeks of bloom, and we developed TPS Bloom to aid in that process. The second class, Sesquiterpenes, are produced by the plant breaking down the monoterpenes. Signal is very very effective at this. With a strain that you are used to growing, you might notice brand new fragrances. New smell and flavor notes from all of the terpene activity. This is really fun to watch, we all get to know our plants and to see them express new character is a blast. All TPS products contain plant extracted partial sigars which are bacterial food sources, but we don't use molasses in any of our formulas. We have developed other plant extracts which produce highly specific amino acid profiles, which in turn feed your soil microbes the exact food sources that they need to thrive. We think you're going to really enjoy this product.

You can use Signal as a flushing agent and it can be used up to the day of harvest to help flowers harden and to aid in continual terpenes maturity. This is due to the high content of organic acids and surfactants. Signal can replace any other flushing agents.

Absolutely. We would recommend using our 'Component Series Amended Soil' Feed chart that can be found for download on our website. The use rate is slightly lower at 1-3mL per gallon VS in coco/peat it is 1-4mL per gallon.

For best uptake, Signal was designed as a soil drench, however it can also be effectively foliar sprayed. The foliar application would be 15-20mL per gallon once to twice weekly throughout bloom, until a week before harvest. As you get closer to harvest, we recommend a fine mist vs a leaf drench. This practice will help avoid water accumulation and the chance of mold near harvest.

This product contains a number of carbohydrate saccharides from plant extracts, these highly specific sugars are the basis for much of the metabolic activity in plants.

Signal can be mixed in water for 5-7 days, please use a bubbler to ensure the water does not grow unwanted microbes.

There is a pH buffer in Signal, however since Signal is meant to be used as a supplement with other fertilizers, you'll want to pH your water to be safe.

Signal is the number one addition growers add to TPS One and it works great. It's what all of us here at TPS use in our personal gardens. The advanced use case for this would be to use Signal at half of the recommended dosage from the feed chart for your media type which you can find on our website. Check out the TPS One Pro Kit for more info on this.

Signal on it's own doesn't burn plants. The organic acid chelators in Signal may 'dislodge' salt buildups from other brands salt based fertilizers that you may have added to your soil. You would only see burns if you have an extreme excess of chemical salts in your soil when you start using Signal. The vast majority of growers don't see any burning but if you are concerned about it, the best way to prevent anything like that would be a mid bloom cycle flush to balance out any excess fertilizer in your plants. This looks like doing one fresh water feeding around week 4/5 until 10-15% runoff. Also of note - this doesn't affect hydro at all, because hydro growers don't have salt buildup issues.

Signal can be used both indoors or outdoors. It can be used with all medias: coco, peat, soil, hydro/DWC, or rock-wool.