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TPS One™ is a revolutionary new one-part liquid nutrient that can be used from Veg to the Bloom. It is all you need to grow vigorous healthy plants that will produce powerful harvests. TPS-One contains everything needed in one easy to use bottle, from micros and macros to microbes and amino acids.

Years of research, technological improvements, and advanced chemistry have culminated in this first of it’s kind one-part nutrient system. Whether you’re a commercial grower or a hobbyist, TPS One™ will change the way you grow.

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For the pros.

Simple never was so powerful.

TPS One builds strong and balanced plant structures in veg to support heavy harvests. When your plants start to bloom, TPS One starts to shine with powerful blooming minerals for dense flowers and fruit.

Micros and microbes.

Designed with a full array of micronutrients for whole plant success, as well as a bundle of microbes to increase phosphorus and other mineral uptake.

Super easy to use, plants love it and they grow like crazy. Had great luck with autos and photos in soil. Get this, you will love it!

C. Shaw

I love this product so much I just ordered 2.5 gal jug to help last through this pandemic but hope all is staying safe.

Nervous Gardens

In the spring of 2021 I'll be opening a new nursery, selling plants of all kinds and TPS will be in every pot, every flat and in every planting. They simply have the best nutrients.

Steve P.

Tried it by itself with autos and photos with perfect results in coco. Added their bloom boosters to plump things up a little in flower on some hungry strains. Plus the signal is nice to have for late flower and flush.


I use TPS One on everything in my garden and its awesome.

Mama Henry

Was kinda nervous about this purchase but now that i’m using TPS One I think its gonna be my go to.

Hamlet B

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of TPS One?

TPS One is a proven and reliable way to grow your genetics to their full potential. It is easy to use and powerful. TPS One contains all necessary minerals and bio-stimulants to both grow and flower your plants.

When should I use TPS One?

You can use TPS One from when plants are seedlings (over 1" tall) and rooted cuttings until the end of a flowering/fruiting cycle. Check out feed charts for more info on your specific use cases.

How often should I feed while using TPS One?

The TPS feed charts were designed for every watering for Soil and for Coco/Peat. For Hydro/DWC the feed charts were designed for adding to fresh feed water once every 5-7 days. For Soil//Coco/Peat growers here is a more advanced feeding method, feed with every watering except:

1. The turn to flowering, please water one time with fresh water
2. Week four/five of flowering, please water one time with fresh water
3. The final two to three waterings of your cycle, please water with fresh water or you can also add Signal as it is a great flushing agent

TPS One is a complete nutrient system in one bottle. It can replace your entire line that you currently use. Probably 80-90% of our growers use just TPS One and pH adjusters in their gardens. It can replace an entire line like House and Garden, GH, Botanicare, TPS Component series, etc. TPS One has everything in it with the exception of silica, so if you like using silica then you'll need to add some to your reservoir with the TPS One. Our Silica Gold is a great component for that. Other than Silica, some of our TPS One growers will use one or two supplements at half strength for additional desired effects. The most common is Signal, many people have been adding it to TPS One in bloom at about 2mL per gallon. A common feed chart for people who switch to TPS One is 1-2mL Silica though veg and 2mL Signal in bloom.

TPS sells two different growing systems: 1. TPS One is an all in one from Veg through Bloom. It is by far the easiest way to grow - and it's very cost effective, especially as a grower scales up to more plants. Many customers use either just TPS One or they will use TPS One and add Signal in flowering. With TPS One you forgo the complication of a multi-part series and you give up a little bit of control over exact feedings. Note: TPS One contains all necessary building blocks except for Silica, if you's like silica then check out Silica Gold. 2. TPS Component Series is the most accurate way to grow. Many growers like this multi-part optionality. The main differentiator is that with the Component Series a grower has more control to experiment. Of TPS's growers, each person finds their preferred method. We have found that most people end up switching from Component to TPS One and then using some sort of supplement depending on their individual plants and gardening style.

TPS One contains some organic acids which aid in continual flushing, so flushing is not totally necessary. That said, it wouldn't hurt to water with 2-3 fresh water waterings at the end of cycle. Many growers will use fresh water with Signal as a flush only for the last week - this increases terpenes and aids in soil flushing at the same time. For those interested, here is a more advanced look at flushing for soil balancing through a cycle:

- One fresh water flush to 10% runoff at the turn to flowering
- One fresh water flush to 10% runoff at week 4/5 of flowering
- Two to three fresh water (with Signal if possible) at end of cycle before harvest

Yes. Here are our recommendations to follow during a transition: 1. On your first feeding with TPS One, use 2mL per gallon less than the recommended dose for the week of growth you're in. Over water and flush the pot with a 10-15% runoff. This will strip out any of the imbalances from your previous nutrients 2. For the second feeding, reduce the use rate of TPS One by 2mL per gallon. No need to flush a second time. After the second feeding you can follow the feed chart as normal.

The Mineral content is:

N - 3.2%
P - 6.8%
K - 4.1%
Ca - 1.0%
Mg - 0.5%

TPS One Also includes an array of Trace minerals: copper, zinc, sulfur, iron, manganese, boron.

Absolutely, check out our website for the "Amended Soil Feed Chart." TPS One was built to help stimulate microbial activity. It does this with organic acids, amino acids, and slow release nutrition that requires microbes to aid in digestion.

TPS One contains a high amount Calcium and Magnesium for coco coir buffering as well as optimal plant uptake. There is no need to add additional CalMag. That said, CalMag is hard to overdo, so if you like adding CalMag it will not cause any issues to add some extra supplementation.

Feed Charts can be found under the support tab!

Yes, you'll need to adjust your pH after adding the dosage. Generally at 5-6mL per gallon of TPS One your solution should come in at a pH of 5.8-6.0. If you use more than 5-6mL in your feed water then the pH will drop and you'll need to use pH Up.

Depending on your feed water and your PPM reader the PPM should come in at 60-75PPM/mL. At our manufacturing facility, the PPM reads 74-76PPM/mL - we use filtered city water for these tests. If you use RO, Distilled, rain, or well water will change the PPM/mL VS city water. It is best to feed by mL per gallon vs PPM, as PPM can vary widely in different input water scenarios.

TPS One is reservoir stable for about one week. You'll want to check your reservoir pH daily, as your input water as well as other supplements can cause pH creep. Usually this is caused by either well water with high carbonates or alternatively by pure RO which can create other reactions.

This is a great question, and it's also a question we asked ourselves at TPS for the years of development that went into this product. Let's geek out a bit below.

First generation hydroponic nutrients taught us all a lot about growing and gardening. Lines like Dyna-Gro, GH, Advanced, Botanicare, etc require multiple parts and bottles, and feed charts. They were great nutrients for many of us who grew in this industry many years ago. In fact, in our opinion those brands still make quality products and at TPS we carry respect for these legacy brands. Fertilizer tech and theory has changed a lot over the years. s fertilizer scientists we have learned so much and have made nutrient systems more efficient and more effective. At TPS, we work to create highly effective and function driven fertilizers that actually make growing easier and more sustainable -- and TPS One is our newest innovation. Let's take a look under the hood. In one bottle and with every feeding, TPS One contains every necessary ingredient to grow in inert media or super-soil, from veg to the end of bloom. It's meant to replace every bottle on your grow shelf. But it also contains a lot more, and that's where our research and work with countless growers over the years can really be seen. - Organic acid based carbon sources, TPS One contains high potency freshwater humic fractions, these work well for soil balancing stability as well as mineral uptake - Multiple forms of bud forming and hardening P and K for quick and slow release, each paired with organic surfactants to manage mineral build up in Veg and release in Bloom - Amino acids, Carboxylic acids, and Phenolic acids from a proprietary organic plant extract package which was designed to help plant hormone production - High potency aquatic plant extracts from multiple algae sources for vitamins as well as natural plant hormones. Additionally it's important to note that the PPM and use rates of TPS One are lower in total than any other brands. This means less nutrient waste and it also means your soil is healthier at the end of your cycle. Paired with products like TPS LiquidSoil, this has lead many of our growers to actually reuse their coco coir/peat or super-soils for years.

Plant Growth Guide


TPS One General Feedchart

*Amounts in mL per gallon for coco.


Safety Data Sheet