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With the TPS One™ Pro Kit you get the strength and simplicity of the only one part liquid fertilizer and nutrient paired with just the right size of our most popular terpene enhancing supplement, Signal, and foliar feeding spray, Canopy Boost. This system makes growing as easy possible be while providing incredible results.

The pro

Simplicity redefined.

Purpose driven kit.

The Pro Kit is balanced and powerful, building strong plants with impressive flowers. With the foundation of TPS One, and the support of Signal and Canopy Boost, the Pro Kit has what it takes to make your garden thrive.

Field tested and designed for your garden.

The Pro Kit includes a booklet, with tips and custom feed charts, designed in collaboration with some of the most respected growers in the industry.

This should be a prized secret. It can make any plant taste and smell amazing!!

Eric T

There was a noticeable difference in the quality of the flowers produced were bigger and bulkier. Will buy again.


Noticeable swelling and vigor using Signal. I've grown for years and I've tried every nutrient line available at one point or another. I'll be supporting TPS until something better comes along.


After starting to use this at the heaviest concentration recommended, resin production went through the roof and my babies began to reek of their terpene profile even heavier than before.


It has enhanced the nutrients I feed. My crop has doubled in size this time.

Kathryn C

You wont understand the need for this until you see it work.

Don J

Frequently Asked Questions

The TPS One Pro Kit is a proven way to use TPS One and supplement with our two most popular additives, Signal and Canopy Boost. It includes special feed charts to help you unlock your plants potential.

1. Use filtered water, if available 2. Optional, adjust pH water to 7 before adding fertilizers 3. Follow feed chart based on your stage of growth, add fertilizers in the flowing order: a. TPS One b. Signal (if on feed chart for the week of growth) 4. Adjust pH of final solution to 5.5-6.5 before watering plants 5. Water in the morning if possible, when the sun comes up or lights turn on that is when plants begin to pump water up to the leaves. This will help plants move water and minerals to the canopy as the plants primary water pumps turn on for the day. For Canopy boost add to clean filtered foliar spray water and spray weekly, following the feed chart dose. No need to pH prior to watering.

The Pro Kit works with coco, peat, amended soil or even hydro!

Our most successful new growers use a 2-5 gallon pots and generally start with an amended soil like Fox Farm Ocean Forest or Happy Frog. Any high quality soil will work great. A couple of other things on this topic: 1. The best range of pot sizes is 2-5 gallon, two gallon pots dry out more quickly and five gallons take a bit more time. To avoid overwater, make sure to water only when your soil is 80+% dry. 2. While amended soils are great, many growers find success with Coco and peat based soil mixes with perlite mixed in. And if you're feeling more adventurous, hydro is always an option!

We guarantee shelf life for 12 months from the date of purchase.

You can start 'Week 1' feeding when plants are about 1" tall.

Canopy Boost is a foliar only and has its own instructions on the bottle for use rates. Do not add to your feed water with the other nutrients.

Pro Kit Guide


Pro Kit General Feedchart

*Amounts in mL per gallon for coco.


Safety Data Sheets

Canopy Boost