Liquid Soil

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Liquid Soil strips older soil of contaminants and enriches it with microbes, making it healthy and ready for use and re-use, year after year. Made of a powerful salt-binding formula that reduces heavy salt loads, Liquid Soil increases microbial pollations, improving water storage capacity and nutrient mobility.

Super Soil

Flushing agent.

The best way to prepare your soil.

Balanced and stable soil is the foundation for a strong grow cycle.

Balances pH.

Liquid Soil contain organic acids designed to buffer and stabilize soil pH so salt build ups can be broken down. This provides ideal conditions for microbes to thrive.

Works well and is substantially cheaper than buying fresh soil. True Plant Science makes great products. Highly recommended.


I bought the whole TPS line up because of TPS 1...I use this for transplants and flushes.. For you indoor farmers this whole product line up is excellent

Joe Woop

Would recommend 100% this is my number 1 product to go to!


Used this at the end of my last harvest for the flush. Was able to dump all pots into a huge bin after harvest and easily remove the trunk and root ball, and then break down all the rest, loosen it up and put right back into new pots... Have only used a couple ounces from the 32 ounce bottle so I anticipate this bottle to save me $100 on dirt many times in the next couple years.


Plant Growth Guide


Liquid Soil General Feedchart

*Amounts in mL per gallon for coco.


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