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Bloom is a reacted phosphorus and potassium complex. It amplifies flower growth and delivers the nutritional fuel plants depend on for stress-free transitions, quick flower onset, and sustained growth of large and dense floral structures.

Bloom features our concentrated fermented acid complex, which enhances flower growth, size, and final yield through its ability to help plants naturally increase the size of their cells as they strive to uptake more water during the flowering phase.

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Bioavailable potassium and phosphorus.



I’m on day 31 of flowering using this stuff, and the buds are really starting to stack. It’s super concentrated and this quart will last a long time.


I switched over to TPS approximately 2 months ago. My plants responded with the "praying" leaves. Buds are stacking up nice and fat. I've tried General Hydroponics, Fox Farm Trio, Earthdust and a few others.

Billy C

GREAT 👍 🌱!!! have used for years IT'S THE BEST!!! I only use a Little over 1/2 strength 💪!! You're GIRLS will be ROCK HARD!!!


I've only used it twice over the last two weeks and this is gonna b my most fruitful harvest yet. I went ahead and bought signal to see if it works just as well.

Shamaya W

This TPS bloom is definitely exceptionally satisfactory and I will be continuing its use throughout my grows during flower. I definitely recommend TPS signal to run alongside with this bloom as well. 5 star product.


The name says it all, BLOOM! l love this stuff. It really has made my flowers bigger and harder, excellent stuff recommended very highly whether you using it on your flowers your cannabis.

Alex G

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Frequently Asked Questions

TPS Bloom contains a targeted array of minerals and uptake mechanisms to help your plants product big and dense flowers and fruits. It's great as part of the Component Series or as a supplement to other fertilizers.

Use TPS Bloom from early flowering until late flowering. You can find feed charts in the support tab.

Bloom is not like typical salt based fertilizers. At TPS we run our own cation and anion reactions aided by organic acids for bioavailability. Technically these neutralization reactions are called salts. All TPS products have some sort of acid base reaction in their manufacturing process. Some of our reactions are organic and some are inorganic. Bloom is about 94% organic and 6% inorganic. TPS products also contain organic acids, amino acids, and poly-carboxylic acids from plant extracts. Essentially these products are a balanced source of nutrition including fast and slow release minerals and compounds.

Absolutely, many outdoor growers use Bloom. As an alternate feeding plan instead of the feeding with every watering, you can increase the use rate to 10mL per gallon and feed outdoor plants once weekly.

Bloom is made of organic amino acids, sugars and polycarboxylic acids made from 19 species of plants paired with inorganic chelated potassium and phosphorus.

TPS Bloom does not contain your typical sugars and molasses. Instead of adding these cheap sugars to our Bloom product like other companies, we extract partial sugars from 19 different plants. The result is a much more targeted approach to feeding the microbes in the soil. One example of this is that we have a partial sugar that feeds Bacillus Putida which is a great phosphorous solubilizing bacteria and is great for putting on blooming flower weight.

Bloom is about 94% organic and is compatible with organic nutrients. It also contains several strains of beneficial bacteria which will help break down the organic nutrients into chelated forms as well.

Bloom contains many compounds from plant extracts. Primarily it contains organic pre-cursor molecules to PGRs that promote your plant to produce it's own natural PGRs. Additionally some of our organic plant extracts contain natural growth hormones and regulators form specific plant species.

We have many growers who use TPS Bloom on tomatoes and other garden veggies. The most popular three products veggie growers use are: - CalMag OAC and CalMag Complete for blossom end rot and micronutrients 5-10mL per gallon once weekly - Bloom for more robust fruiting 10mL per gallon once weekly - Signal terpene enhancer for increased sugars, aromas, and flavors 10mL per gallon once weekly

TPS Bloom contains a high amount of organic acids so it should actively flush as you water. To be sure of this you can simply over-water by 10% until runoff during the week of harvest.

Yes, when using Bloom with TPS One, we recommend reducing Bloom to a half dose.

Absolutely, this is a great supplement to help promote orchid blooms. We would recommend using the low end of the feeding recommendations. 2mL per gallon to start and then increasing to 3 or 4mL as the plant needs more food. Note: Please continue using a nitrogen fertilizer as well. Orchids need more than only Phosphorous and Potassium. N-Primer or Base AB are great for this balanced nutrition.