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Terpene Enhancer
0 - 0 - 3.1

Increases flower density.
Promotes terpene synthesis.
Works in hydro, soil, and coco.

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Increase your aromatics.

Signal works in multiple ways to promote terpene production. From lycopene to alphapinene, terpenes give your harvest that amazing smell. 

Prepare for a big harvest.

Signal can be used from early bloom all the way to harvest. We also recommend Signal to replace flushing agents, maximizing your final push.

How to Use Signal

Measure out suggested dosage.
Add nutrients to feedwater.

(Recommended pH: 5.5-6.5)

Water your plants
Water your plants.

Signal General Feed Chart

*Amounts in mL per gallon for coco.


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Phenomenal Terpene Enhancer, Flower Density Increaser, and Definitely Signals Plants to Bulk up.
Dr. Alberts
Plants 🌱 love this product. I noticed a change in smell within a few weeks. I’ll will be buying more.
Bobby G
Signal will make your buds frostier, denser, and more purple. That is for sure.
So far so good! Much better deal than "Terpinater", less usage rates. More science behind this product! Very useful information about how and what it does. Very interesting! I really like this company.
Tim T
I have seen an increase in density and trichomes in my plants since I started using this product.
Jose A
TPS products have made a major difference in all plant stages of plant growth. Add foxfarm potting soil and you can't lose, the only way I will grow from this point forward.
Marshall R

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