TPS Nutrients


3.2 - 6.5 - 4.1

From veg to bloom.
Full array of micronutrients.
Heavy harvests.

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Simple never was so powerful.

TPS One builds strong and balanced plant structures in veg to support heavy harvests. When your plants start to bloom, TPS One starts to shine with powerful blooming minerals for dense flowers and fruit.

Micros and microbes.

Designed with a full array of micronutrients for whole plant success, as well as a bundle of microbes to increase phosphorus and other mineral uptake.

How to Use TPS One

Measure out suggested dosage.
Add nutrients to feedwater.

(Recommended pH: 5.5-6.5)

Water your plants
Water your plants.

TPS One General Feed Chart

*Amounts in mL per gallon for coco.

TPS One Feed Chart

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Super easy to use, plants love it and they grow like crazy. Had great luck with autos and photos in soil. Get this, you will love it!
C. Shaw
I love this product so much I just ordered 2.5 gal jug to help last through this pandemic but hope all is staying safe.
Nervous Gardens
In the spring of 2021 I'll be opening a new nursery, selling plants of all kinds and TPS will be in every pot, every flat and in every planting. They simply have the best nutrients.
Steve P
Tried it by itself with autos and photos with perfect results in coco. Added their bloom boosters to plump things up a little in flower on some hungry strains. Plus the signal is nice to have for late flower and flush.
I use TPS One on everything in my garden and its awesome.
Mama Henry
was kinda nervous about this purchase but now that i’m using TPS One I think its gonna be my go to.
Hamlet B

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