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Creates Super Soil

Balanced and stable soil.
Microbially charging.
Buffer and stabilize soil pHs.

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The best way to prepare your soil.

Balanced and stable soil is the foundation for a strong grow cycle.

Great for reusing soil.

Reusing soil saves money and allows for soil to become more rich over time. LiquidSoil helps balance and clean your soil while microbially charging it to create a perfect media for your plants.

LiquidSoil General Feed Chart

*Amounts in mL per gallon for coco.

TPS LiquidSoil Feed Chart

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Works well and is substantially cheaper than buying fresh soil. TPS makes great products. Highly recommended.
David S
So far so good! Love saving money on soil. Used this at the end of my last harvest for the flush. Was able to dump all pots into a huge bin after harvest and easily remove the trunk and root ball, and then break down all the rest, loosen it up and put right back into new pots.
Erica A
Would recommend 100% this is my number 1 product to go to!

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From $25.99
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