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Canopy Boost

Lush Green Canopies
0.2% Mg

Amazingly effective foliar spray.
Reduces leaf yellowing.
Kickstarts nutrient mobility.

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From seedling to early bloom.

Foliar sprays are a great way to protect plants and support photosynthesis.

Build leaf and root growth.

Canopy boost contains a specific kelp extract. When sprayed on the leaves, it travels to the roots promoting new root growth and kickstarting nutrient mobility.

How to Use Canopy Boost

Measure out suggested dosage.
Add nutrients to sprayer.
Spray your leaves.

Canopy Boost General Feed Chart

*Amounts in mL per gallon for coco.

TPS Canopy Boost Feed Chart

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This stuff is amazing 6 inches taller and bushier by far. Some of the leaves literally doubled in size.
SIlver Streak
Great foliage spray that does what it says it does and doesn’t burn the hell out of my babies.
Mia B
TPS products can be potent so it doesn’t take much to see benefits taking place. That also makes them a good value.
Mike P
Great foliar feed. Great for misting unrooted clones.
Jessica P
I don't need too much at this point stuff is amazing I usually dose about seven to eight mil gallon purified water.
John W
Everyone should be growing with this stuff. Your plants will grow vigorously.
James S

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Canopy Boost

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