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CalMag OAC

Now Organic
4.5% Ca, 1.1% Ma

For all plants, vegetative and blooming.
Full array of micronutrients.
Thicker stems, leaves, and roots.

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A better CalMag.

CalMag OAC is ultra bio-available to promote strong cell walls and photosynthesis.

For all plants.

CalMag OAC can be used with any plant from seed to harvest for sustained and consistent results.

How to Use CalMag OAC

Measure out suggested dosage.
Add nutrients to feedwater.

(Recommended pH: 5.5-6.5)

Water your plants
Water your plants.

CalMag OAC General Feed Chart

*Amounts in mL per gallon for coco.

TPS CalMag OAC Feed Chart

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I grew several varieties and only the San Marzano and Roma tomatoes were presenting blossom end rot (BER). I used this once per week for 2 weeks and it all new fruit did not have BER. My new garden staple.
I'm growing 2 strains that are extremely sensitive to nitrogen excess and needed to supplement with some CalMag. This was the only product I could find that didn't have any nitrogen.
Mike T
Very strong, organic Cal Mag product. Very low usage. Don't overdo! A great company with great products at great prices. Try their great, organic Silica Gold product. Best I've used!
Tim T
I realize people use this for hydroponics, but this stuff is great in the garden. It's complimentary to other organic fertilizers. A tiny amount is more than enough.
I absolutely love this cal-mag product. I use coco and RO water and while I supplement with this product I have never had a cal-mag deficiency. Or any deficiency for that matter with the TPS Nutrient line.
I use this as a foliar spray and my plants love it. My favorite brand for my peppers that need nutrients from time to time.
Brennan K

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CalMag OAC

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